About Us is owned by “Kondilis Shipping & Tourism” which operates - uninterruptedly since mid-1960’s - a Shipping Agency & Tourism Bureau and has its registered office in the Island of Serifos, Cyclades, Greece.  The vision of the company is to continue offering excellent quality services to its domestic and international clientele, in the following areas:
  • On-line purchase of ferry tickets to Serifos & the other Greek Islands as well as for the Greece-Italy routes
  • On-line hotel accommodation in Serifos, the rest of Greece and worldwide
  • Ship agents at the Port of Serifos for passenger ships, yachts, cruise vessels, tankers and general cargo vessels
  • Car rental in Serifos
  • Boat rental in Serifos
  • Weddings & Baptisms in Serifos
  • Hiking trails of Serifos
  • Sports events in Serifos  
The company is fully licensed and regulated by the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) and by the competent shipping & port authorities. The company’s registration number in the Registry of Greek Tourism Corporations is 1172Ε 60000035000.